Summer Buddhist Studies Program

Comprehensive education in higher Buddhist Studies.

Experience a rare and precious opportunity.

2018 Program - July 1st to 27th

Know Your Mind

This year our summer Buddhist studies program delves into the meaning of compassion and wisdom in the Buddhist tradition. Explore the vast teachings of Buddhist philosophy and practice. The program will take you on a path to discover your mind and consciousness with all its dimensions and functions. We will use the 9thchapter of the Treasury of Precious Qualities by Jigme Lingpa as our main text to study.

The program is taught by Namchak Khenpo and Ven. Jetsunma Jamyang Palmo. It is suitable for both students new to Buddhism and intermediate students.

Students come from all over the world for this unforgettable experience, held at our beautiful Montana campus at the Garden of Thousand Buddhas.

Message from Sang-Ngag Rinpoche on the Institute (shedra)

I’ve been living in America for many years, and in those years, we’ve done a great amount of work. We created many representations of the Buddha as you can see in the Garden of a Thousand Buddhas. This was created as a place to bring people together, as a place of pilgrimage. The primary reason for gathering here is to study and practice the Dharma.

The teachings of the Buddha are divided into those of scripture and those of realization. The dharma of scripture is the subject of shedra. I would like to say Tashi Delek and express my thanks to the Abbot of the shedra, Khen Rinpoche, the sponsor, and to all of you who are attending. The dharma of realization is that which is accomplished in your practice. Today, I am just finishing teachings on Yeshe Lama and in it there is a discussion of the bardo of becoming, in which it is said that hearing the teachings is of primary importance.

Hearing, or study, is said to be the eliminator of the darkness of unaware ignorance. All of you should be working hard in study, contemplation, and meditation. We must accomplish the three—hearing, contemplation, and meditation. The text which we will be studying is the Treasury of Precious Qualities,a text which completely and unerringly presents the paths of the beings of three capacities and the nine vehicles, beginning with the exposition of the difficulty of attaining a human birth and continuing all the way to the Luminous Great Perfection.

It will be very virtuous and beneficial if all who are attending the shedra don’t merely listen to the teachings, but ask questions and apply what you are learning to your practice as much as possible. In that way, our study and practice will be like a lamp which illuminates the darkness, like the sun rising to light the morning. Together with how the Dharma is spreading all over the west, we should join in and add to the spreading of the teachings and practice of the traditions of sutra and tantra and bring peace to this world.

So, it is extremely important that we establish this shedra. We can practice on the basis of our hearing and cutting through our doubts and misunderstandings with contemplation. Without knowing anything, there can be no practice. This is really important, so keep it in mind. The spreading of the teachings is not just my responsibility. All of the students, with Khen Rinopche as their leader, should be applying themselves in these activities and reaping their fruits and should work hard to spread, hold, and sustain the teachings.’ - Sang-Ngag Rinpoche

Treasury of Precious Qualities

This text was taught by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche at Shechen Monastary every year as one of their most important texts to study.

It is not just an intellectual exercise to study this work, Jigme Lingpa’s text is not merely an academic process; it is a manual for exactly how the great bodhisattvas and Buddha’s have realized the wisdom of beings and phenomena and achieved Buddhahood so you too may be able to accomplish the same.

Patrul Rinpoche said to hear one word of this text would place one on the path to great understanding and to study the whole text would lead to the full realization of the Buddhist teachings.

The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

The school will be conducted at the majestic Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Montana, “the Bodhgaya of the West.” One may attend as either a residential or non-residential student.

Classes will be held 6 days a week Mon-Sat between 9:00am-5:00pm. Two sessions 9-12:30 will be taught by Khen Rinpoche and 3-5 by Jetsunma.


Classes will be taught by Khen Rinpoche and Ven. Jetsunma Jamyang Palmo.


This program is limited to 65 students, institute programs regularly sell out, so please register early to ensure your spot.

Tuition & Registration

Registration is closed but there is an option to audit our program for one or more days and join us!

Want to experience our Summer Buddhist studies program? Audit shedra for one or more days and experience the philosophy and ideas of Buddhism. This year we cover wisdom and compassion in the Buddhist tradition. Taught by Khen Rinpoche and Jetsunma. $20-$30 per day including lunch, Mondays thru Saturday, 9-12:30 first session, 1-3 Lunch and rest, 3-5 second session. Meet at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas Shrine Room, come ten to fifteen minutes early have some tea and take your seat. No need to pre-register. Just email and let us know what day or days you are coming. Overnight accommodations and camping available, please write us to inquire about availability and pricing.