Institute in Kathmandu

This past month several students of the summer shedra had the opportunity to partake of the transmissions and empowerments with Rabjam Rinpoche at Shechen Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal. The reading transmissions included the complete works of Jigme Lingpa and Patrul Rinpoche. This was a special almost inconceivable time for all of us as our program is based on Jigme Lingpa’s Treasury of Precious Qualities that covers the entire Buddhist path. Rabjam Rinpoche is one of the great Buddhist teachers not just of the Nyingma school but all the schools of Buddhism. Over 6000 people attended from around the world for a time of magic and wisdom. Especially potent as so many of our retreats come from this lineage that Sang-ngag Rinpoche received directly from Dilgo Khyenstse Rinpoche at Shechen and now to us in the west. So rare and precious what we are able to study and learn at Ewam centers due to the kindness of Sang-ngag Rinpoche.

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