Instructions for Shedra 2018 Classes

Registrants should have received an email to the live stream of the teachings before the program started, as well as July 5th. If you cannot find said email, please refer to the courses page for this link. There is a morning session Monday – Saturday 9-12:30 MST and 3-5 MST. In the evening of each day a link to the recordings will be uploaded to the courses section of the members area. Our online education manager is Mason and he can be reached with any questions or concerns at We ask everyone under the forums section to please introduce themselves and in this area is also a place for students to interact and discuss the text throughout the program. We welcome everyone to the program.


  1. lynette

    The e-mail links are not being sent for the live stream and there is no other way to join that I have found. If there is please inform. I don’t having meeting info; name and password to look for it through Zoom
    Thank you

    1. ewam Post author

      This post had yet to be updated since there is no need to send the same link everyday we are relying on all the participants to just keep track of the emails with the link in it to gain access to to the streamings. If keep track of the email evades any participants then I request that you guys refer to the courses section for this link, it is posted in the course description for Shedra 2018

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