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Buddha Nature: The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra

Wednesdays 7-9 PM - Garden of One Thousand Buddhas Shrine Room & Webinar

Six Sessions: October 10th – November 14th

Arya Maitreya’s Mahayana-Uttaratantra-Shastra is one of the most important teachings on Buddha-nature and enlightenment. This work is often considered a bridge between the sutras and tantras. All sentient beings without exception have Buddha-Nature — the inherent purity and perfection of the mind, untouched by changing mental states.

The Mahayana Uttaratantra Shastra, one of the Five Treatises said to have been dictated to Asanga by the Bodhisattva Maitreya, presents the Buddha's definitive teachings on how we should understand this ground of enlightenment and clarifies the nature and qualities of Buddhahood. Taught by Khen Rinpoche, Abbot Garden of One Thousand Buddhas - Khen Rinpoche will be presenting selections from this work with commentary.

$90 - $120 


Mind Training

Sunday's 10 AM - 5:30 PM - Garden of One Thousand Buddhas Shrine Room & Webinar

October 14: Session I

October 21: Session II

October 28: Session III

November 4: Session IV

November 11: Session V

November 18: Session VI w/optional refuge vows

The mind-training practices contained in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The seven mind trainings in this course will cover impermanence, karma, suffering and compassion, the teacher, meditation, negativity and wisdom. The important point is that if we train our mind on the path of profound teachings, our mind will become free from emotional turmoil, habitual patterns and karmic bondage and will awaken us to our own innate wisdom. We will use Jigme Lingpa’s text, Steps to the Path of Great Perfection. Taught by Khen Rinpoche, Abbot Garden of One Thousand Buddhas.

$180 - $240