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Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism

‘Without knowing anything, there can be no practice. Our study and practice will be like a lamp which illuminates the darkness, like the sun rising to light the morning.’ – Sang-ngag Rinpoche

The institute offers a rare opportunity for theoretical and meditation training in all levels of the Buddhist tradition.

online classes at the ewam buddhist institute

Online Classes

A community and collection of classes you can access anytime, anywhere.

schedule at the garden of one thousand buddhas

2021 Schedule

Learn timeless methods that are perfect for our modern lives.


Summer Programs

A month-long program into the heart and meaning of the buddhist path.

Covid-19 Announcement

We will have announcements coming early 2021 concerning the year ahead. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unusual and challenging time. The shedra will continue and grow far into the future. While onsite activities are temporarily postponed many classes in addition to our pandemic updates are being offered through the main Ewam website. Please be safe, healthy and may you cultivate wisdom in these times. We look forward to connecting with everyone in person again in the near future!

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2021 Schedule of Retreats and Classes

The 2021 schedule at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Montana, a half an hour from Missoula and affiliated events in Santa Fe New Mexico. The institute offers some of the most unprecedented opportunities for training in the entire path of meditation and Buddhism in the west.

Join us for our many landmark programs in some of the most inspiring locations in the world.

Summer Buddhist Studies

Information to be announced early 2021 on this program. The shedra is ready to happen again once the pandemic situation is more clear.

Students come from all over the world for this unforgettable experience, held at our beautiful Montana campus at the Garden of Thousand Buddhas.

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New Ewam International Website

Ewam has recently launched a new website with news, information and details on all of the retreats and programs.